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Life is a journey! This ABOUT ME ARTICLE is not a Jacqualyn who came from rags and made it rich, but rather a story of Real Life Events that paved the way for the Lady I am today! I am a mom of 2 adult sons, a jac jac (grandmother) to two phenomenal grandchildren, and a best friend to my four-legged furbaby, Miss Prada! But most important, G.O.D. put Michael in my life more than Nine Years Ago. I am blessed to have a relationship with the most kind-hearted, caring, and generous man! Further, for more than 40 years, I have been in Mortgage Banking. I have a very successful career and remarkable life. But we all know life happens to everyone. My life journey is indeed no different than anyone else.


Growing up in Southeast Louisiana, I was very fortunate; I was born into a huge Italian family. My dad was a successful self-made entrepreneur, and my ma worked tirelessly alongside him for years running the business. My two older sisters and I had a wonderful childhood. We were always provided the best. We attended private schools, and our college was paid for! All drive our own cars. Yeah! It was excellent, and I am very grateful for the memories.

about me

At 62 years old, I reminisce quite a bit! Looking back, my mom and dad sacrificed tremendously over all the years, giving much more to everybody, never expecting anything in return. I never knew this fact about my dad. Because in those days, children were sheltered, and such topics just were not discussed. However, I now know dad battled depression. My dad took his own life on May 26, 1896; he was 56 years old. At the time, I was very pregnant, 8 1/2 months. He took his life before he could meet his first and only grandson. Yes, that is correct! He never met my son Joey. Even more, Joey is named after my dad. Naming my son after my dad was a huge surprise. A surprise that never came to fruition. I never got to tell him!

My dad was very ill, and in the note, he wrote heartfelt messages about how he did not want to be a burden. He further expressed the importance of having my mom care for his baby girl and the baby. But you see, he wasn’t a burden but chose to take his life. Depression is a wicked disease that, in my opinion, is a silent killer.

I have spent my adult life in counseling, trying to understand. I will never understand, but I know G.O.D. has a plan. Over the years, I have made peace with the issue. But make no mistake, I struggle from time to time. My dad’s death knocked me for a loop! But it made me realize the importance of living life every day, doing what you love no matter what happens to be. BE THE VERY BEST at whatever it is you commit to. Sweet Baby Jesus, I had no idea how this lesson would play out later in my life!

Have you ever heard you are a product of your environment? You don’t know what you don’t know! Continue to read about me, and you will indeed understand!

While in my formative years, my teachers would tell me I would never amount to anything, I wasn’t disciplined, I wasn’t smart enough, I was not the pretty cheerleader or an athlete, and nope was not a drill team dancer. Blah, Blah, Blah. Hell, my name has a unique spelling. I am a free spirit, and in case you are wondering, NO, I do not always get to where I am going the traditional way. But I get there.

1978 Senior Picture
Senior Picture

Further, and for all those years, I honestly believed what I was told. It was instilled in me early; I just would not make it in this life! Welp, I did not know what I did not know. I became a product of my environment! My subconscious mind was riddled with self-doubt and anxieties of never measuring up, the odd duck, so to speak. Quite frankly, I did not fit in their mold. Everyone tried their damndest to put me in a BOX when I, indeed, am an OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKER!

I am so grateful and thank ALL OF MY Counselors & TRUE MENTORS over the years for helping me understand that I was good enough and I was pretty enough! I could do just anything if I put my mind to doing so. Further, they assisted me in understanding & learn who I was. Most importantly, to continually learn, grow and work on me from the inside out! Breakthrough deep-seated barriers. Barriers I never realized were there! With a lot of faith, fire, and grit in my gut, I am now a very Successful Mortgage Banker! So yes, this BIG SHOUT OUT goes to those who did not believe. HUGE THANK YOU! Thank You from my heart! You all really have no idea how much you aided in my burning desire to be a success story!

I was diagnosed with  Avascular Necrosis (AVN) in August 2010; in layperson’s terms, MY HIP DIED. At 50, I underwent three major surgeries in just 90 days, Which resulted in me becoming a HIPPIE. I now sport a FULL HIP REPLACEMENT! Over the next 12 months, I endured extensive physical therapy and healing of my body. Further, I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s; my 30 years of marriage ended in a very unexpected abrupt divorce; I moved out of the big dream home and lost a substantial amount of my retirement savings…GET THAT PICTURE? RIGHT?

About Me Jacqualyn, yes, this Jacqualyn who overcame obstacles, raised my kid, worked my dog ass off to “make it” – hit the most profound darkest, ugliest depression. Drinking, Drinking “GALLONS OF VODKA PER WEEK,” YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! I became a functioning alcoholic, self-absorbed in anger, and gave up on life, and my roller coaster emotions continued for more than four years. Thoughts of suicide entered my mind. Go ahead, take your own life, just as my daddy did in May 1986. BUT THEN…

about me

Something inside my head clicked (it was probably G.O.D. or the HOLY SPIRIT): life is not a fair sister; life is not a fairy tale, sweetheart. Life is a journey with many lanes and obstacles. GUESS WHAT? You, Jacqualyn or not exempt from these peaks and valleys. All the years of counseling and self-development kicked in…the little man (that is what I call it), the inner voice in my head said… HEY GGGGIIIIRRRRLLL! (Jacqualyn) YOU BEST, pick yourself up by the bootstraps, move on, and by all means, NEVER EVER look back in the rear-view mirror! With a lot of prayers, hope, and faith deep in my soul, I did just that. Plan B is on the horizon By the way, I refer to it as a Plan B; however, some folks call it MY WHY. SHEESH!


Back then, I had everything planned out. The big house, the fancy cars, the world travel, the retirement savings. YEAH, as I said, IT WAS MY PLAN, NOT God’s! And well, LIFE HAPPENS, and in a split second, you lose it all.

I want to travel the world and spend time with Joey and my grandkids (unlike my dad missing out on my son’s life); I desire the finer things in this life because
I have spent most, if not all, of my adult life working toward spending my GOLDEN YEARS MY WAY.

Why should I let a couple of obstacles take my big dreams away? I deserve to live my life to the fullest! Some may think of these manifestations as selfish. HEY, I am just being brutally honest. Everyone on this earth deserves a better life and getting it is possible. YOU MUST HAVE FAITH, HOPE & LOVE; YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ENVISION IT, SEE IT IN YOUR MIND & MANIFEST IT OUT LOUD TO THE UNIVERSE (GOD IN MY CASE) WHAT YOU WANT! BELIEVE AS IF IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. FOR REAL!


Fast forward to 2022. I’m genuinely a happy lady, down about 45 pounds, and in much better health. The most remarkable thing of all, and by the grace of G.O.D., I continue to have a thriving Mortgage Banking Career. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I am now on my way – building my Plan B because OF MY STRONG WHY! I am a Professional Marketer. This is a life journey, and I’m enjoying the RIDE. I earn MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME! I love helping other people. That is my purpose; helping others is precisely what I get to do. 

awesome grandkids

While I am nothing more than a pup in this field, I am learning & growing daily; my Plan B of supplemental retirement is a reality! I am self-sufficient, and my kids and grandkids will not have to worry! I will visit my grandchildren and travel the world with Michael when I choose to! But most importantly, I am 62 years old and will live my GOLDEN YEARS MY WAY!

The potential is great if you are willing to open your mind up to something new, are coachable, work hard, and learn!

I am so grateful for the opportunity. The opportunity to grow, learn and work alongside some of the best in the industry! We are like-minded entrepreneurs and professional marketers who would love nothing more than build a relationship and trust with you.

Although we are professional online affiliate marketers who educate our friends, family, and visitors on quality products & services, we are also here to assist small business entrepreneurs eager to learn & grow a sustainable legacy business! A business can be passed down from generation to generation for years. So please, before you leave this article about me, I invite you to explore the site!

I’ll end it like this: I no longer have to fear losing my J.O.B. or having enough retirement money. I work hard and will retire when I decide it is time. I am traveling with Michael; we do visit family.

It took a couple of life lessons, a bit of COURAGE, and a lot of PRAYER, FAITH & HOPE! I am like a sponge; I listen to my coaches, willing to step out of my funk and status quo. Put into action what I learn, set measurable goals, and always without a doubt, work on M.E. and my self-development! This is my real-life story about me; trust me, I love sticking to it! jacqualyn

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