Alkaline Living

Most recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting Richard Davidson! DANG! What an inspiration! Richard is 81 years old; he is a retired U.S. Navy EOD Diving Officer and a full-fledged Alkalarian. Richard began his Alkaline lifestyle (Alkaline Living) in 2002, which actually played in his favor by saving his life in 2009.

Our first meeting was a Zoom call. We figured out early on both of us love to talk! But at one point, my eyes glazed over, and I blurted out, ALKA WHAT? He busted out laughing. As he continued to talk and I got to understand his story a bit better. It was very evident just how conscious he is about what goes into his body. He is far from being an over-the-top HEALTH FANATIC. However, he is very educated about the importance of PH Balance in the body. By the way, do you know your PH? Don’t worry; I did not know either! But I did learn that day the optimal body PH is 7.35.

As our story goes, he is coaching me on becoming an Alkalarian. I am working on becoming a healthier me, and in doing so, I will change my lifestyle for the better! STAY TUNED IN to my blog, as I will give live testimonies about my journey.


akaline living is a lifestyle

Well, the simple answer is… it’s a lifestyle, not a diet! That said, over decades of research, there is a direct correlation between body PH Balance (Alkaline, Acidity) and Disease. In fact, the more I learn about this type of lifestyle I am convinced many of the horrible diseases can be prevented. Diseases such as certain Cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes. You know my great-grandparents lived well into their 100s. It is because of the lifestyle they lived back then. Everything was raised on the farm; there were no chemicals or preservatives in the food. Think about that for a minute; even think about your own ancestry; you may see the same history. The funny thing is… I actually wrote an article on this very subject several years ago; at the time, I did not realize I was actually eluding to the fact of Alkaline Living.

Tips to achieve an alkaline pH level: A few ways to accomplish this include:

  1. Eating an alkaline diet: In other words begin by eating foods that are high in alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Foods that are alkaline include nuts, fruits, leafy greens, and seeds.
  2. Drinking alkaline water: Meaning water that has a pH level of 8 or higher. This type of water will help neutralize the acid in your body.
  3. Reduce stress: Stress can increase the body’s acidity. in your body. Finding ways to reduce stress, can indeed help keep your pH level alkaline. Meditation, palates, and yoga are great stress relievers.

Anyways, this has been a big eye-opener for me, thus why I feel the importance of sharing my journey as it unfolds. I’m turning 63 soon, and lord knows (s) I have abused my temple (body) over the years. But fortunately, I am in relatively good health, and most importantly I would like to make sure I continue to improve my well-being so that Michael and I can see the world in the next several years.


healthy food choices for alkaline living

So I am not going to get all scientific here, but quite frankly, concerning health, BALANCE is everything. The body needs a proper balance between two chemical compounds, which are acids & alkalis. The balance creates what we know as a PH value which includes; our blood, urine, saliva, and other fluids inside our cells. Nobel Laureate and the discoverer of Vitamin C – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, once stated: “The body is alkaline by design but acid by function.” You see, our bodies, by design, are very acidic, but for our cells and tissue to work properly, we must have a slightly alkaline environment. Neutralizing the two is very crucial to maintaining optimal health. You may want to review the Acid-Alkaline Food Guide; I know it has benefited me these last few months.

When the two become imbalanced, our bodies are susceptible to disease. Now BIG PHARMA will not educate us on these facts simply because they want us sick; it pads their pocketbooks. Plus, our Western Diet of packaged preservatives and chemical-induced foods high in sodium and sugar is a direct indication of the issue. Just look at the Obesity in our country! Countries such as Spain, Sweden & Greece live a much healthier Mediterranean-type lifestyle, and guess what? They LIVE LONGER.


I indeed hope you now have a better understanding of why Alkaline Living and the importance of acid-alkaline balance are so essential. Always Consult with a healthcare professional before any new significant changes to your lifestyle are made. But most of all, I invite you to bookmark this page and follow my journey. Who knows, it may just assist you too!