Facts About Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

What in the world is all of the commotion hitting social media about Electromagnetic Fields, a.k.a. EMF? I hope this post, while not getting too scientific, will enlighten you on Some facts about Electromagnetic Fields and what the research shows. Oh, and by the way, EMF has been around for decades, but most people are not aware of these free radicals, nor or they aware of the dangers. If you are unaware, I highly recommend you educate yourself so that you better understand the ends and outs of EMF!


facts about electromagnetic fields

The fact of the matter is EMF is increasingly more and more prevalent because of our electronic lifestyle. Cell Phones, Tablets, and even Health Watches. At the same time, all of these things seem to be a necessity that we cannot live without. Comes with many side attributes, one being EMF. EMF or Electromagnetic Fields have generated anytime an electric current activates or flows. The higher the voltage, the stronger the magnetic field. So not only am I talking about our electronics but think about refrigerators, microwaves, washers, and dryers too. They all generate EMF.

But for the love of GOD, do not freak out. There are precautions you can take to protect yourself from these free radicals. I have done quite a bit of research and highly recommend the products I use personally. However, don’t just take it from me. Do your research to discover more facts about electromagnetic fields.


I studied gemology in college, so crystals, rocks, and jewelry are a natural go-to for me. During my research, I came across several items that caught my eye. Items allow me to enjoy the comfort of modern technology without worry. These products protect from harmful EMF contaminants & pollutants but also make a fashion statement! Have to love that!!

Importance Of Brain Food & Brain Health

Are you aware that our brain is, in fact, considered the most essential part of our bodies? Studies are very clear about the fact that when the brain is not hitting on all cylinders, our bodies just do not function properly! Well, now you are aware!


brain health

This topic, indeed, hits me at my core. My dear mother died of Alzheimer’s & Dementia. My daddy battled depression his entire life. I am always searching for answers to understand these two diseases better. During my most recent research, I came across phenomenal nootropic supplements. I indeed wish would have been around years ago. But nonetheless, they’re here now, and trust me, I use them daily, as do many of my family members. If you want to understand more about these products, access the information here!


  • Have you ever forgotten where you left your keys or cell phone?
  • Have you ever walked into a room and totally forgotten why you went in that room?
  • Have you ever lost your train of thought realizing – WOW! Can I not stay focused like I used to?

Well, you are not in this boat by yourself; as we age, our cognitive function ages too. But there are things out in the world that can enhance and improve this function. Do your research, and decide what is best for you. I indeed will tell you this supplement works and has made a big difference for many of my friends and me in just a few months.


Simply put, it is a “Smart Cognitive Enhancer.” Improving creativity, memory focus, and cognitive function inside the brain itself! Our product is a supplement that works in all of these areas, as explained in the video below.


This particular supplement feeds what I would call the “Super Computer” that is located in our skull. This brain food works to improve the brain’s functionality and overall well-being…the liquid serum will:

  • Boost Mental Energy
  • Supports Increased Positive Thinking
  • Improves Overall Mood

I am sure you have heard, OH, you are getting a little older. Forgetfulness is just part of aging. Well, don’t fool yourself into believing this is OK. Do something about it now before it progresses. Brain Health is vital to you living a longer, healthy life. Take it seriously.


If, by chance, you happen to have sleepless nights, we have another very effective product that may aid in your restlessness. Be sure to check the article out; you can expect to find several facts about why this is happening and what steps you can take to help your sleep better! Plus, you may want to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this article because we do send out relevant information on all of these topics.

Simple Tips For A Natural Alkalarian Lifestyle

First and foremost, this is a lifestyle, not a diet! There are decades of research on this subject; further, the studies indicate a direct correlation between our body’s PH Balance (Alkaline, Acidity) and many Diseases. The more I research, the more convinced I become that this lifestyle can prevent horrible diseases. Diseases such as specific Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even Cancer. These Simple Tips For a Natural Alkalarian Lifestyle will help you better understand why I changed a few things in my daily habits and how well my health is improving.


simple tips for a natural alkalarian lifestyle

Alkaline lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods and live more sustainably is under the Food & Nutrition category in the Alkaline Living Article. So if this is a topic of interest, be sure to read the article. It is very informative to aid in your research.

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How to live an Alkaline Lifestyle?

My best advice for you is to get back to the basics. Because this type of lifestyle reinforces good ole’ fashion healthy eating; while this sounds so boring, it is indeed that simple and accurate, and it is not hard to do. This lifestyle is all about eating more fruits and more vegetables. Plus, drinking lots of water is essential for hydration and cutting back on sugar, meat, processed foods, and alcohol. Now don’t get all freaked out with this information because you can have these food groups in moderation. However, it would help if you did not have them daily as your main staple.

I set myself up for success by writing out a 90 plan to follow. I did my research, plus I met a gentleman through a mutual friend who has been living this type of lifestyle since 2002; Richard Davidson is 82 years old. If you want to learn and understand, seek out people walking the walk and talking the talk…if you catch my drift!

This guy is fantastic. And no, he is not an over-the-top health freak. But he is a walking encyclopedia regarding the alkaline lifestyle and is conscious about what goes into his body and why. The simple tips for a natural alkalarian lifestyle he shared with me are invaluable. The article I mentioned above tells all about it. So go read it.

Anyways, I started slowly to give myself some wiggle room. The $8.95 investment to purchase The Alkaline Food Guide, which Richard highly recommends, is my bible today! Do not get me wrong, there are many books on this topic, but I wanted to keep it simple and change my habits instead of jumping out there and trying the newest trending FAD. As it turns out, keeping it simple aided my success, and I did not get overwhelmed. To date, I am doing very well, and I feel great.