This section of the site is to educate and inform my readers on research, opinions, and products that could possibly benefit each person’s overall health and wellness concerns. I do personally endorse the products because I have actually benefitted from them myself. Let’s dive into the elephant in the room; Have you neglected your health? Honestly, I know I had neglected mine for most of my life. Until I had that wake-up call, I bet we could agree our health and well-being are the areas that can and will change our quality of life faster than anything. And it is in our control to get it done if you understand how!

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After many years of searching and researching, my approach to Health & Wellness is a bit unique. The reason is I do not believe one size fits all, as our bodies are all somewhat different. So in my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, I actually incorporate several techniques through the products and services that I happen to believe are exceptional. I am at a healthy weight, and my cholesterol levels are the lowest (well below 200) they have ever been.


Biohacking supplements are indeed supplements that are formulas to optimize the body’s performance. Furthermore, these types of products are on the basis of the idea that our bodies are very complex systems that can literally be hacked for better health. There are vastly different types of biohacking supplements, each one with its own unique benefits. This particular product aids with sleep,

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS EMF: Free Radicals are indeed just about everywhere! Most often, they are invisible to the naked eye. I have done a fair amount of research, which all eludes to the many dangers we encounter daily. If you are unaware of EMF, you might want to explore the article just completed to educate yourself better. But more importantly, protect yourself and your loved ones.


Biohacking and EMF Protection are two popular approaches to health and wellness. Both involve making lifestyle changes to achieve optimal success. it is very important to remember all recommendations should be in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal health. Plus you should always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements or making any significant changes to your lifestyle.